For beginners or enthusiasts, recreational or professional users, Zero-X will have you flying like an expert in no time with incredible performance and intuitive controls. Capture high definition video and photos directly from the remote, perform acrobatic manoeuvres at the press of a button, , choose from beginner or expert speed level modes, fly straight and true with a large footprint and 6 axis gyroscopes, and stay in the air longer with our long life rechargeable battery systems. Capture the skies with Zero-X!

Our Zero-X Drone Features

Our range of professional drones are kitted out with advanced features that set them apart from the competition. Whether you’re looking for drones with intuitive controls or high quality cameras like our range of 4K drones, our full range of professional drones will unlock an immersive flying experience that makes you feel like you’re amongst the clouds!

Types of Drones:

If you’re a newbie to the drone space, it can be difficult to navigate the extensive amount of drones on the market. Whether you’re looking for pro drones for commercial use, or you’re a drone lover who’s on the hunt for a drone for personal use, our rage at Zero-X has the perfect drone for you.

Why Choose Zero-X for Professional Drones?

At Zero-X, we know drones, and our expertise allows us to be a cut above the competition. Our drones are fitted out with cutting-edge technology to ensure they are stable and easy to use. This coupled with our drones being durable and reliable, when you buy a drone with Zero-X you’re buying a professional drone that really can go with you everywhere!

Our range of drones are ready to redefine the photography, videography and exploration world for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.