Zero-X Raven

Raven is a robust, yet lightweight drone, nimble enough to perform acrobatic manoeuvres yet forgiving and intuitive so you can get up and fly with confidence quickly.
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Product Description


The Zero-X Raven is a robust, yet lightweight drone perfect for novices learning to fly.

Raven is nimble enough to perform acrobatic manoeuvres at its highest speed setting, yet forgiving and intuitive enough at its lowest speed setting to get up and fly with confidence quickly.

Raven’s built in High Definition camera can record video in 720p and photos in 2mp resolution from dizzying heights, capturing impressive aerial shots easily with the push of a button on the remote control.

Raven’s camera angle can also be controlled via the remote control allowing you to adjust your camera view without returning to earth.


Raven 60m icon 60 metre Controllable Range
Fly Raven 60 metres in any direction with unbroken recording capabilities

Raven HD Video High Definition 720P Video
Capture crystal clear high definition video with the push of a button

Raven 2MP Photos 2MP Photos
Snap impressive aerial shots with ease using Raven’s on-board camera

Raven Camera Controls Camera Controls
Raven’s motorised lens lets you change camera angles on the fly

Raven 6 axis Gyroscope 6 Axis Gyroscope
Flights will be steady and responsive using Raven's on board gyroscopic stabilisation system

Raven Directional Lock Directional Lock
Control Raven simply and intuitively from the pilot’s perspective and orientation

Raven 360 360° Flips
Fly like an expert and perform aerobatic flips in any direction with the push of a button

Raven Replaceable Blades Replaceable Rotor Blades
Replaceable rotor blades make for easy maintenance of your Zero-X Raven drone

Raven 1,000 mAh 700mAh Battery
Keep Raven in the air with the 700mAh battery that provides up to 8 minutes of flight time

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Battery Information Always connect the drone battery to the included USB charger and insert the USB charger into a powered USB port (USB wall charger not supplied).
Please ensure when using a USB Wall Charger it is certified with a fixed maximum of 5V/1.0A Output.
Never use a selectable/adjustable charger.
Tactile Controller Included
Dimensions 37cm x 37cm x 9cm
Camera Yes
Resolution 720p
LCD Display Yes
Speed Modes 4
360 Flip Yes
Flight Time 8 Mins
Range 60M
SD Card Up to 32GB
Power source 700 mAh
Product Dimensions (mm) 370 mm x 370 mm x 90 mm (including rotor guards)
Box Content • 1 x Raven Drone
• 1 x Drone Battery
• 1 x Drone Battery Charger
• 1 x Remote Control
• 2 x Drone Feet
• 4 x Spare Rotor Blades
• 4 x Rotor Guards
• 1 x Manual
• 1 x Screwdriver
Boxed Dimensions (mm) 320mm (h) x 350mm (w) x 115mm (d)
Boxed Weight (kg) 830grams


Download Attachment
pdfRaven Manual(3.77 MB )Download
pdfRaven Flyer(715.47 KB )Download
pdfCivil Aviation Safety Authority Guidelines (986.46 KB )Download


Q1: How do I connect my Raven drone to the remote control?

A1: Before attempting to set up your Raven drone ensure that the Raven drone battery is fully charged and new batteries have been installed into the remote control.

Do a complete check of your surroundings making sure there are no hazards in your vicinity.

Turn on the Raven drone’s power switch and place the drone on a flat, level surface facing away from you.

With the left thumbstick in the down position, turn on the power switch on the remote control.

Move the left thumbstick up to the highest position, and then return it down to the lowest position.

The Remote will beep indicating that the connection has been made, and you are ready for lift off.


Q2: Why is my Raven drone drifting sideways/backward/forwards?

A2: Your Raven drone may need to be calibrated.

To calibrate your Raven drone correctly make sure you are launching the drone from a flat, level surface.

Switch on the Raven drone and remote control.

Make the connection between the controller and Raven drone.

Just before you take off, with the Raven drone still on a flat level surface hold both thumbsticks in the lower left diagonal position for 5 seconds.

The Raven drone will now be recalibrated.

To fine tune any drift further use the trimming controls on the remote control to balance any unwanted movement.

Before adjusting trimming settings make sure that the Raven is not being affected by any outside forces such as wind or drafts.


Q3: How can I get the best footage out of my Raven drone?

A3: We recommend using a class 10 SD card from a reputable brand. Better quality SD cards will yield better footage.


Q4: How do I connect the camera to the Raven drone?

A4: When connecting the camera to the Raven drone make sure that you connect the plugs in the correct orientation. The smaller plug is inserted into the socket marked 1 and the larger plug goes into the socket marked 2. Once connected firmly clip the camera onto the slots on the underside of the Raven drone being careful not to twist or pull the wires.