At Zero-X we really take remote control cars to the next level! Our range of smart RC cars are perfect for when you’re looking to bring your childhood dreams to life but partnered with cutting-edge technology. 

Whether you’ve been racing RC cars for years or you’re just trying to get into the hobby, our range of RC cars are the perfect remote control car to add to your collection. 


Why Choose Zero-X?

At Zero-X we are a go-to destination for RC car enthusiasts – and it’s for a good reason! We are committed to quality and we know what make a great remote control car, our expertise and next level technology set us apart from the competition in the remote control car community!

Our RC cars have top-of-the-line technology so that you can have the best driving experience possible. Our RC cars are seamless and responsive so you can reap the rewards of the best advancements in the RC car industry.

Not only are our remote control cars built with the best technology on the market, they are also built to last. Our range of RC cars are durable and long-lasting so you can take your RC car to different terrains and locations without having to worry about your RC car coming into any issues.

When it comes to looking for an RC car to add to your collection, investing in a high-quality car that is built to last is crucial! Our range of RC cars are perfect for newbies or seasoned professionals and our expert team can run you through which remote control cars are going to best suit you and your racing style!